Dolly Jamgotre

Joined in: 2019

Job title: Director of Business Development

Dolly is the Director of Business Development here, having joined in 2019. She speaks to us about her career to date and what she finds the most rewarding about her role.

Hey I’m Dolly, and I’m Director of Business Development at Advanced. Yes that sounds important, but it’s equally as important as every individual within my team!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and journey to Advanced?

I started my Sales Journey around 20 years ago as part of a telesales team.  I believed in me and worked my way up with a clear goal to strive for. Today at the peak of my career, I look back and reflect on what has been a very memorable as well as emotional journey. A journey of transitions from one opportunity to another, which has enabled me to build on my knowledge and experience with a depth of transferable skills built over time.  Advanced was the opportunity I only dreamt about and today I fulfil a role I aspired to many moons ago.  I remember clearly the interview in Meeting Room 3 at the Mailbox demonstrating why I was the ideal candidate for the role.  I was passionate and motivated and most of all believed in ME!  I quoted to our Chief Marketing Officer Sally: “If I succeed in selling me, I can drive a team to sell.  I know I have not headed up a department before, however if someone like you doesn’t give someone like me the opportunity, how will I ever get there?” So here I am and the moral of the story is believe in yourself and let your passion flow and show!

How do you keep learning and developing yourself in your own role?

I like to be in control of my own self development and encourage my team to do so too. This allows self-reflection and development at pace. Advanced has given me the opportunity and empowerment to be me, make the required strategic decisions that I believe will deliver against the company goals and objectives. By also giving my team ‘a voice’ allows the 2 way feedback that also helps me develop and manage and deliver in a style the team understand, accept and fully buy into. As Mr Branson would say “We don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do, we hire them so they can tell us what to do!”

I had the chance to complete my MBA in Service Excellence this year as part of Advanced, and I continuously look at further learning to help drive the success of people and the organisation.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding element of my role is recognising, on-boarding and developing individuals on their Sales journey here.  Our unbiased selection and recruitment process helps recognise diverse, passionate people looking to grow their careers as part of our internal mobility programme.  Nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction than to see members of my team develop into professionals and progress to the varied areas of the business.

My three personal tips for success:

  • Don’t judge others and don’t allow yourself to be judged.
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Have a voice, the worst you will hear is NO.
  • Be friendly, be fearless and be fabulous!