Samed Hasaj

Joined in: 2016

Job title: Marketing Operations Manager 

Upon the recent celebration of his 5-year anniversary with Advanced, this blog uncovers Samed Hasaj’s career so far. Unpacking his journey, earning one promotion after another, year on year: transforming his career in the process. Going from an inexperienced Market Research Associate, to becoming the Marketing Operations Manager. 

Samed's Success Story

My name is Samed Hasaj, and my career started to pick up traction after I enrolled at Coventry University to study Law. However, around halfway through the second year, I started to realise that a career within the courtrooms wasn’t going to provide me with the job satisfaction I was looking for. After some thought, I decided that having a degree would help me in my future career regardless of the subject, and proceeded to graduate with honors, ready to take on the next chapter in the world of business.

I’ve adopted an ambitious mindset from my time at university, therefore, naturally, the next step for me was to find an organisation that prides itself on progression and development opportunities, which I found with Advanced.

"I’ve managed to keep progressing through the business, earning promotions on an annual basis."

The pathway that led me to the company was fuelled by my passion for marketing and sales. When I realised there was an opportunity to join the marketing insights team back in 2016, I made sure to grab it with both hands by putting forward my application. Since the day I signed my contract of employment I haven’t looked back, and I’ve managed to keep progressing through the business, earning promotions on an annual basis.

I do consider myself to be quite fortunate as I was presented with a great opportunity, without a huge amount of experience at the time. Advanced put their faith in me at a relatively young age, and by doing so I embarked upon my prosperous career path within the marketing operations team.

I’m currently the Marketing Operations Manager and my journey to this position has been a result of my dogged and determined attitude and hunger to always try and further my understanding and knowledge. Personally, I hate not knowing about anything business-related, so when I don't know something I'll make it my mission to go and find out the answers. 

One of the primary obligations in my role is to lead and oversee the sales associate program. This is perhaps one of the most gratifying aspects of the job, as I’ve been entrusted to manage and mentor around 120 high potential entry-level employees (HPEL’s). I think that being able to take a step back and know that you played a part in their development, and be able to watch people go on to become integral to the organisation and its functions is extremely rewarding.

"That’s one of the amazing things about working for Advanced is how willing people are to help each other at the start, and then throughout, their journey within the company."

My advice to anyone who is looking to kickstart their career is to make sure that you grasp opportunities whenever they present themselves. Within 3 months of joining Advanced, I was offered the prospect of becoming of team leader within the marketing team and was given the chance to implement some of the changes that I was recommending.

I was only 22 years old at the time and it was my first real experience in management after only being at the company for a few months. However, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now if I hadn’t taken that opportunity when it was put in front of me at a relatively early stage in my career. 

During my time in this position, I’ve tried to pass on as much knowledge as possible to our sales associates, and one of the main pieces of advice I give them; is to not be scared to ask questions, or approach people for help. That’s one of the amazing things about working for Advanced is how willing people are to help each other at the start, and then throughout, their journey within the company.

I’ve also passed on pieces of advice that were given to me before I embarked upon my career journey; being told that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Otherwise, you’ll never have the courage to go and try new things and push boundaries to their limits, as the fear of making mistakes will forever be holding you back. Take me for example, I started out in Law and ended up in Marketing and Sales, so don’t be scared to try new things or take on new challenges as you never know where you might end up.

Why Advanced? 

The best part of working at Advanced is the people without a doubt. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to come into work in the state-of-the-art Mailbox office, in the heart of Birmingham city centre. The Mailbox is filled with like-minded individuals who all share the same drive, hunger, and motivation to reach their goals and become successful. Having this collective mindset that is reflected in the culture and values of the organisation helps everyone to keep pushing each other forward and spur each other on.

Working in the Mailbox also makes it easier to take part in and organise out-of-work events such as the weekly 7 a side football session I run every Monday. It’s been a great way for everyone to spend time together outside of the office and blow off some steam, especially after lockdown.

"The best part of working at Advanced is the people without a doubt."

Advanced really do stick by their 65% internal mobility and promotion at pace ethos and my story is a prime example of how within a few years your hardwork will be reapid with a plethora of oppertunity. 

That’s one of the things that sets Advanced apart from other companies: it’s the speed at which you develop and the support that you’re provided with, in whatever role you decide to take on within the business. They have a clear structure of progression in place internally, so that every employee knows if they work hard and showcase their capabilities, opportunities will present themselves.

I can’t thank Advanced enough for what they’ve done for me. With the help of their guidance and support, I’ve progressed from someone who didn’t really know much about marketing operations, to becoming the marketing operations manager, in the space of 5 years.

They’ve been able to provide me with the fulfillment and direction that my career desperately needed after graduating from university, filled with uncertainty and doubt about the future. But now, I’ve got a firm idea and belief in what I want my aspirations and ambitions to be within this industry, and that’s by far the most valuable reward Advanced could have ever given me.