Hollie Dawson

Joined in: 2020

Job title: Sales Associate

Hollie joined the business in October 2020 as part of the Business Development team. From virtual assessment centres to remote onboarding, we spoke to her about how she's found her first few weeks.

Hey I’m Hollie! I joined the business in October as part of the Business Development team and it’s been a really interesting time so far, from starting a job completely remotely to learning all about a completely new industry and profession.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and journey to Advanced?

My big thing pre-Advanced was travelling. I’ve worked a lot of different jobs in a lot of different sectors in a lot of different countries. From festival work in the summer, through farming and collecting crops and eventually running an AirBnb in Bali, it’s fair to say I’ve had my share of interesting roles!

What is the best career decision you have ever made?

Probably one where my hand was forced! The last job I had was working a ski season in France, which was cut short by the pandemic. Back at home, I took it upon myself to do some online courses in digital marketing, and then branched that out to look at what modern skills I could learn and technology was always something I found fascinating. I ended up taking a six-month course in coding and programming and taught myself Python!

What was your recruitment journey like?

So the virtual assessment centre we did was a very different experience. It was actually quite enjoyable with a relaxed vibe as the whole time you’re there you are just in the comfort of your own home which helps to settle any nerves!

How have you found your first few weeks?

So I had to quarantine for a few days which meant I couldn’t go into the office with the rest of the team that I started with and missed out on seeing them. I was really quite nervous that we wouldn’t get on or it would be awkward trying to have a team with a bunch of people you’ve never met, but the reality is that even with 11 of us, we all get in incredibly well. It’s weird, but it’s probably part down to the way we’ve been able to settle in, and part due to the fact we’re all in exactly the same situation and everyone is so open minded and willing to help each other out.


The training has been so useful – having never sold anything in my life or worked in IT, it was a little daunting and made me doubt whether I’d be able to do it. We’ve spoken to loads of different people in the business though and had presentations and training about how we interact with each team, and we’ve been able to meet people who were in our position this time last year and learn from them. There is a learning curve with a lot to learn, but it’s great to get stuck in and throw myself into the action head first.