Sam Turner

Joined in: 2016

Job title: SME Account Manager

Across Sales and Marketing, Sam has held multiple roles in his four years here. We caught up with him to learn more about his journey from Business Development to SME Account Manager, via a short stint in London.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and journey to Advanced?

I joined Advanced as a school leaver after achieving my A Level’s. Having never worked in a ‘proper job’ before, I was quite nervous when I started, especially since all of my other colleagues were older than me since they all had just left University. Although I was the youngest person to ever join the onboarding scheme at the time, I never felt out of place because the rest of the team, and management, supported me & have continued to support me throughout my journey.

After grafting for 10 months in the Business Development team, I was promoted to the role of a Desk Based Account Manager, this is when I was first introduced to sales. After having a short stint in London, I returned to the Birmingham office and I loved proving that I am worthy of my place in a company like Advanced. I have then gone on to smash both my targets for the last two financial years - meaning I've been fortunate enough to go to our Top Achievers trip two years running! Each trip was better than the last, and I've firmly got my sights on making it a hat-trick!


What advice do you have to anyone looking to start their career?

The first piece of advice I would have for anyone starting out in their career is not to be afraid to ask for help. When starting in a new role, the processes and the terminology used in that role will be alien to you. Only by asking questions and throwing yourself completely into the role that you’re in, will you learn what you need to learn. When I first started it took me a while to understand my role & even to this day I still ask for help!

The second piece of advice I have would be around problem solving. If you are facing an issue & you know you need help on it, before you ask for help, hypothesise the solution. Even if your solution is wrong, it doesn’t matter! What this shows is that you are focused & positive in finding a resolution, this goes a long way when speaking to management!


How do you keep learning and developing yourself in your own role?

Advanced provide comprehensive training courses that have enabled me to succeed in my role. Apart from this, Advanced also provide a learning & training platform that has a huge library of content. This learning platform covers not only sales techniques, but also live techniques.

Something else I also do is practice customer conversations with my colleagues, this definitely helps me with practicing objection handling. Train hard, fight easy.


What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding thing about my role is definitely the satisfaction of helping a customer out with an issue, or enabling a customer to get the most out of the software they are using. I become extremely invested in my customers & I love it when I can add value to their business.

Overall I love working at Advanced - the family that has been created here is incredible and some of my best friends have been made here.