Laura McCann

Joined in: 2016

Job title: Senior Product Marketing Executive

Laura joined in 2016 and has enjoyed success in a variety of marketing roles. She talks to us about how a brush with the Prime Minister earned her a Values Award.

Earning my ‘Be Fearless’ Value Award was part of one of the biggest votes of confidence I’ve felt in my career. In November 2019, I attended the CBI Conference. Whilst there, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a speaking slot. The night before, the idea had been thrown around that I might ask a question, but nothing was really decided. Then at the end of his speech, Andrea from our PR team at Firework and Sally our CMO, gave me a couple of sentences of suggestion and then…boom! I asked him about how a Conservative government would act to keep young, female talent in the UK. I was BBC News! It was mad. I was shaking. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

From that, I was nominated for the award and won it for Q3 of FY 20. Amazing! Then, it was revealed later on in 2020 that I would be going on the Top Achievers trip to Dubrovnik as the Value Award place. Literally, one thing after another in the best way possible. 

Being fearless really speaks to me as an encouragement to keep trying new things and to be yourself. At work, these two things can often be lost or feel really difficult to do, at Advanced I’ve always felt supported to be myself and give things a go.

My advice on ways you can be fearless every day is:

  • Don’t worry about not knowing or having an idea that ultimately isn’t acted upon
  • If something scares you or makes you feel uncertain, it’s probably the thing you need to do
  • Be comfortable and confident in saying yes and no. I would say yes to anything new, but also be able to say no, your time and efforts are valuable.